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Wow... Haven't logged in for a while, but things have definitely turned around. Well done, #DA
I am IRON MAN by collin-kerr

For those who remember years ago, there was a comic book mini series called "Iron-Man: Extremis", illustrated by the amazing illustrator and concept designer, Adi Granov. His run gave Iron-Man a real world application design - studying and incorporating weaponry into the suit's design.

Model: Dadpool Cosplay and Props
Series: Iron Man
Photography: Collin Kerr Photo Retoucher

My first status update!

These days I am mostly on… , so if you'd like to follow my photography work, find me there!

Professor Layton Photoshoot

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 22, 2013, 3:47 PM


The Professor Layton game takes place in and around contemporary London. The titular character is Hershel Layton, a professor of archeology at the fictional Gressenheller University, who prides himself on gentlemanly conduct and puzzle mastery. He is often followed by his self-proclaimed apprentice, the 12-year-old Luke Triton, who also proves adept at solving puzzles.

It was the SMASH! (Sydney Manga and Anime Show) Weekend and many cosplayers flew in interestate to come together. Among them, of course, were Melbournes cosplayers Lisa Blackcrane, Melissa Mo, and Sydneys Feng Song. I had previously worked with Feng Song on the Ao Oni Photoshoot, and have only known of Lisa through Twitter. Another face I met for the first time was Photographer, Mark Sombillo.

I had bought myself a 32" 5-in-1 Reflector and this was the first opportunity to use it. Thankfully, Mark, Mina and Ms. Chen had been there to help hold the reflector and flash gun. Mark also lent me his remote trigger, which has now led me to buy a few for myself. I did bring along a Prime lens, and while it did help produce some key shots, it was the telephoto EFS 18-55mm lens that I used the most.

With one shot, I wanted to create a feature shot with Victorian stained glass as a backdrop. It was difficult at first, but after several takes and the aid of awesome assistants and perseverance, this shot came to fruition!

Throughout my time living in Sydney, there has been this cafe that has always caught my eye was Princess Coco Chocolaterie.The café has purple velour and gold-trim thrones that makes you feel you're playing Kings and Queens. Look beyond the slapdash Parisian-themed décor and there is a beautiful selection of hand-crafted chocolates, petits fours, pastries and Valrhona chocolate bars.

With my work in Fashion and eCommerce, I tried to incorporate the experience gained from fashion stylists by pulling and pushing the models fabrics to help sit better, eliminate creases, and not rely too heavily in Photoshop.

When processing, I tried to match the brown autumn colours and contrast to the Level-5 videogame. Of course, the cartoony stylised look of the game made an interesting challenge, which led me to use my creative juices.







For more photos, please visit here</span>

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Collin Kerr
Illustration, film, design, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and animation are the most loved things in Collin Kerr's life.

Sydney-Based Collin Kerr has always been passionate in the creative industry, and had the opportunity of working with several groups and companies in a variety of creative fields.

As you can see, this world needs him more than you even know. Without him, you're roadkill. Lucky for you, Collin Kerr is the perfect apocalyptic chaperon. When he was in the womb, his mother had visions that the world would soon crumble, and Collin would be the messiah of all mankind. He learned of these "visions" at the age of ten, and although they led him to believe that his mom had just been watching Mad Max and eating bad Vietnamese food, nevertheless he began his postapocalyptic training—a part of which involved his becoming a proud member of the Boy Scouts. And you know what the Boy Scout motto is. (FEAR - FUCK EVERTHING AND RUN).

Another part involved hoarding dark roast coffee, which he sucked down in the darkness of his room while watching an old UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) event.

In the future, Collin plans to contribute his talents to directing and producing films.

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It was nice meeting you today, thanks for patiently retouching my photos. You've got an impressive art gallery, best wishes for your endeavours!
collin-kerr Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
It was great meeting you today as well. Thank you for visiting the DA page, and i love your art style :D
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I fall in love on DeviantArt <3 ;)
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Thanks for the fave! Also, wonderful portfolio!! Makes me wish I cosplayed overseas. :)
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